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- This game requires a controller to play and was made with an xbox controller but a dual shock should work as well. -

Originally the plan was to make a 3d platformer that removed a lot of the movement control player’s expect from the genre. Taking a heavy character like a stone and giving it movement in it’s dream. On a whim I added the mechanics of rolling and using momentum to spring the character forward or up with great force and found it to be a lot of fun. This ended up changing all my plans for the original 3 - 4 levels and switching to developing levels on the fly.

Although buggy I think this was a successful attempt to create something a little different from the traditional 3d platformer and it shows some promise. It does need a lot of refinement though and I would like to see a better return to my first intent of using the project to practice with visual storytelling.

I need to add in some features like better tutorializing, keyboard and mouse control, and a tighter gameplay but I expect that I will return to this project sooner rather than later.

- freesound.org attribution list -

Rockfall in mine.wav - Benboncan


Party noise maker _ soundstack.wav new yeears eve, party, horn, party favor - Soundstack


3 Men Cheering - jbeetle


8-Bit Jump - evan.schad


Pop 3 - greenvwbeetle


Bounce - josepharaoh99


Thank you so much to everyone on this list for providing assets to creators like myself!


SleepyStone.zip 25 MB

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